Energy Sources

A range of energy sources for active seismic surveys.

PEG-40 Propelled Weight Drop

Vehicle-mounted 40 kg propelled energy generator for seismic surveys.

Vibsist-20S Swept-Impact, Time-Distributed Seismic Source

High resolution near surface seismic source.

Vibsist-20H Swept-Impact, Time-Distributed Seismic Source

Seismic source for use on steeply inclined surfaces.

Vibsist-200 Multi-Impact, Time-Distributed Seismic Source

Seismic source for tunnels and mine galleries.

Vibsist-500 Multi-Impact, Time-Distributed Seismic Source

All-terrain mid range seismic source.

Vibsist-3000 Mutli-Impact, Time-Distributed Seismic Souce

All-terrain deep range seismic source.

Vibsist-SPH64 Piezoelectric Downhole Source

Piezoelectric source is intended for borehole investigations up to 2000m.

MH-DW70 Mechanical Downhole Hammer

Borehole hammer for inverse VSP and cross-hole seismic surveys.