Equipment Sales

We have a wide range of products available for sale that employ a variety of geophysical methods. Instruments are available for UAV, surface, borehole, and marine applications.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A non-destructive method that utilizes radio waves to image and map structures and features within the subsurface. GPR is a method used for locating buried metallic and non-metallic objects, mapping underground structures and geology, and concrete investigations.

Ground Exploration Systems

GPR systems for investigating the Earth's subsurface. Options include the Ground Explorer, featuring hyper stacking HDR te.. more

Utility Locating

A range of systems for detecting and mapping underground utitlies and buried metallic and non-metallic structures.

3D Array

3D imaging radar arrays for larger-scale object identification and subsurface mapping.

Concrete Investigation Systems

Systems that utilize high frequency antennas for high resolution 2D and 3D investigations.

Rough Terrain Antennas

Low frequency antennas with a slim, snake-like design. Ideal for collecting data on surveys with uncut lines or thick bush.. more

Borehole Antennas

GPR antennas for use in boreholes. Antennas can be deployed for both single-hole surveys and cross-hole tomography.

UAV GPR Systems

GPR antennas for use with UAVs.


Software to visualize and interpret ground penetrating radar (GPR) data, including 2D and 3D data processing and mapping.