Equipment Sales

We have a wide range of products available for sale that employ a variety of geophysical methods. Instruments are available for UAV, surface, borehole, and marine applications.

Borehole Logging

Method of deploying geophysical instruments in a borehole or well to collect a variety of data in-situ. Probes are lowered into the hole with a motorized winch, and data is transferred through the winch's wireline to a data logger on the surface.

Data Loggers

Used to acquire data collected by geophysical probes deployed in a borehole or well.


Used to deploy geophysical probes within a borehole or well. The wireline is used to transmit data to the surface logger a.. more

Downhole Probes - Integrated Systems

A range of geophysical probes are available that cover a broad scope of measurement parameters, in either stackable Quick .. more

Dedicated Downhole Systems

Additional borehole logging systems are available, including video inspection systems and borehole geophones.


Software programs to visualize, process and interpret borehole geophysical data.