Equipment Rentals

We have a comprehensive rental inventory of geophysical instruments, including systems for UAV, surface, and borehole applications. See below for the equipment available for rental.

Airborne / UAV

The use of geophysical instruments with aircrafts (UAV, helicopter, fixed wing, etc.) for larger scale surveys or to map r.. more

Borehole Logging

Method of deploying geophysical instruments in a borehole or well to collect a variety of data in-situ. Probes are lowered.. more


Instruments to inductively measure the conductivity of a geological sample or the subsurface. Options range from handheld .. more

Electromagnetics (EM)

Electromagnetic methods use the principle of induction to measure the electrical conductivity of the subsurface.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A non-destructive method that utilizes radio waves to image and map structures and features within the subsurface. GPR is .. more

Induced Polarization (IP)

Electrical current is injected into the ground to determine the chargeability of the subsurface. A wide range of receiver .. more

Magnetic Susceptibility & Physical Properties

Magnetic susceptibility is characterized by the ability of a substance to be magnetized when exposed to an external magnet.. more


Magnetometers measure variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. These variations can be the result of a mineral deposit,.. more

Resistivity Meters & ERT Systems

The injection of electrical current into the ground to measure the resistivity of the subsurface and define its structure... more

Scintillometers & Spectrometers

A range of gamma-ray scintillometers and spectrometers for measuring gamma radiation and infrared spectrometers for measur.. more


A method of studying the propagation of elastic waves through the Earth's subsurface. Various techniques are used for diff.. more


A range of software programs to visualize, process, interpret, and manage geophysical data.