UAV Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

The D230A is a modular UAV gamma-ray spectrometer system designed for mineral exploration and environmental applications

Combined Magnetometer/VLF System

The GSM-19WV is a combined walking Overhauser magnetometer and VLF system for the collection of both mag and VLF data

Courtesy of GroundTruth Exploration
GSM-19WV shown without the magnetometer sensor, for VLF measurements only

KT-20 Physical Property System

The KT-20 is a modular physical property system with interchangeable sensors for measuring magnetic susceptibility, conductivity, IP/resistivity, and density

Courtesy of GroundTruth Exploration

Full-Waver Distributed System

The Full-Waver is a wireless, distributed system for high resolution resistivity and induced polarization 3D surveys

Courtesy of Abitibi Geophysics

Optical and Acoustic Televiewers

The QL40-OBI-2G and QL40-ABI-2G are the latest generation of optical and acoustic televiewers. The WellCAD Imaging software adds powerful tools for data interpretation.

ConcreteExplorer GPR System

The CX-12 is a flexible, easy-to-use GPR system designed for concrete investigations. The system can be used with a variety of high frequency antennas for improved depth or resolution.

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Terraplus News

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