Equipment Rentals

We have a comprehensive rental inventory of geophysical instruments, including systems for UAV, surface, and borehole applications. See below for the equipment available for rental.

Induced Polarization (IP)

Electrical current is injected into the ground to determine the chargeability of the subsurface. A wide range of receiver options are available, including distributed wireless receivers and multi-channel receivers with the ability to deploy a large number of electrodes for 2D and 3D imaging. Multiple transmitters with varying power outputs are also available.

Distributed Array

Wireless IP receivers to create distributed arrays for high resolution 3D data and deeper exploration.


A range of receivers for collecting IP data with up to 20 simultaneous channels.

Imaging/Switch Systems

IP receivers with up to 20 simultaneous channels and switching capacity.


A range of transmitters with varying power outputs for IP and resistivity surveys.

Core and Sample Testing

Systems for measuring the chargeability and resistivity of geological samples and drill core.


Software to visualize, process and manage IP geophysical data.