WellCAD Version 5.4 Is Here!

WellCAD v5.4 is now available, featuring a new Core Shifter and structure reorientation tool as well as a fully revised Full Waveform Sonic module with new Velocity Analysis workspace. Refer to the Release Note for additional information on what’s new.

For customers under the Maintenance & Support plan, WellCAD v5.4 is included in your subscription. Contact us to update your license to the latest version. If you haven’t subscribed yet and are interested in learning more, we’d be pleased to speak with you about the benefits and latest updates available.

Introducing the Atom-3C Seismic System

Terraplus is pleased to introduce the Atom Passive Seismic System, now available with a 3-channel option.

The Atom-3C is designed to obtain 3-component microtremor measurements for HVSR surveys (with one unit) as well as for joint Rayleigh-Love wave analysis (with multiple units deployed in a distributed array). The system is unique in that it does not rely on traditional and heavy spread cables. Users are no longer constrained by preset spacing/geometries or by site conditions such as high traffic areas, roads, and driveways.

The Atom-3C is a complete solution, composed of individual acquisition units, each with 24-bit A/D conversion, GPS-controlled timing, 8 GB of internal data storage and an adjustable sample rate. 2Hz and 4.5Hz 3-component geophones are also available as an option.

GPR Promotion

We’re pleased to announce a new GPR promotion for summer 2020.

Customers who schedule and attend a GPR demo with Terraplus by September 30 are eligible to enter a raffle for a refurbished Easy Locator EXM+ GPR system with Rough Terrain Cart. Demo participants will also receive a $500 USD credit to be used towards the purchase of a new GPR system within 4 weeks of the demo completion date.

If you’re interested in GPR and would like to take advantage of this promotion, contact us to learn more.

AirBIRD UAV Magnetometer for Rent

The AirBIRD UAV Magnetometer System, complete with GSMP-35U sensor, is now available for rent.

Designed specifically for UAVs, the AirBIRD provides the highest sensitivity and absolute accuracy on the market, with the smallest heading error.

In addition to its GSMP-35U Potassium Magnetometer, the system also includes a laser altimeter for altitude tracking/post-processing, IMU for bird and sensor orientation, GPS navigation, and radio link for real-time data transmission.

If you’re interested in a rental, contact us to learn more.

D230A UAV Spectrometer for Rent

The D230A UAV Gamma-Ray Spectrometer, complete with 2 BGO detectors and telemetry module, is now available for rent.

The system allows operators to simultaneously measure the dose rate, total intensity of gamma radiation, and intensity of energy windows corresponding to K, U, Th, plus a wide-range of man-made radionuclides.

Designed specifically for UAVs, the D230A allows operators to complete surveys more efficiently than comparable ground instruments without the increased cost of large airborne systems.

If you’re interested in a rental, contact us to learn more.

Introducing the Cardinal UAV Magnetometer

Terraplus is pleased to introduce the ultra lightweight Cardinal UAV towed-bird magnetometer system.

Weighing only 1.5 kg, the Cardinal can be used with a wide-range of drone platforms and comes with an optically pumped Potassium magnetometer, GPS, IMU and battery – all within an aerodynamic housing.

The Cardinal joins the DRONEmag and AirBIRD product line-up and provides operators with a new UAV magnetometer solution that combines the benefits of an ultra lightweight magnetometer with the real-time data transmission, stability, and weather protection of a towed-bird system.

Introducing the MIRA HDR 3D GPR Array

Terraplus is pleased to introduce the MIRA HDR, a large area 3D GPR mapping solution with the highest data quality and resolution on the market and highway speed survey capability.

The system takes full advantage of the MALÅ HDR technology and can collect up to 132 data channels simultaneously by pairing any combination of the array’s receiver and transmitter antennas during data collection.

Multiple carrier options are available to adapt the system to a variety of applications, from utility and cavity detection to road surveys and archaeological prospecting.

COVID-19 Update

Terraplus is deemed an essential business in Ontario based on the updated guidance provided on April 3, 2020 and remains open as we continue to support and serve our customers during this challenging time. Our sales, rentals, and support departments are operational but working with a reduced staff while others work from home.

The best way to contact us during this time is through our Contact page or via email at the following:

For sales and rentals – [email protected]

For technical support – [email protected]

For shipping and receiving – [email protected]

For accounting – [email protected]

Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and suppliers is our top priority. We are continuing to monitor and follow the guidelines and requirements from Government Public Health Authorities and will adjust and review as new information is made available.

We’ve Moved!

Please note that Terraplus has relocated to a larger facility just down the road at 120 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit #15 in Richmond Hill, Ontario (L4B 1L2). All equipment should now be sent to our new location.

Introducing the KT-20 Curved Sensors

We are pleased to announce that curved sensors for measuring drill core are now available for the KT-20 Physical Property Measuring System. The curved sensors offer the highest sensitivity for measuring magnetic susceptibility or conductivity, while producing consistent, repeatable measurements. The curved sensors are available in dedicated sizes for BQ, NQ, HQ and PQ core diameters, in frequencies of 10 kHz or 100 kHz.