The MIRA Compact 3D GPR Array is Here

Introducing the MIRA Compact, the next-generation 3D GPR array solution for high-detail mapping of the subsurface.

Using a 500 MHz centre frequency, the MIRA Compact can collect up to 30 data channels simultaneously through the use of any transmitter-receiver combination in the whole array. With its 6.5 cm channel spacing, it allows for the collection of precise, high resolution data.

Designed and optimized for any hand-pushed 3D GPR mapping project, the MIRA Compact is an ideal solution for increasing productivity across a wide-range of applications, including utility mapping, archaeological prospection, and general ground investigations.

Interested in testing the all new MIRA Compact? Terraplus will soon have a system available in our rental pool. Contact us to learn more.

New High Power Transmitters

Introducing the TIP 6000 and TIP 12000 high power 6 kW and 12 kW transmitters for time domain IP and deep resistivity surveys.

These new transmitters offer current and voltage regulation with high stability, allowing for exceptionally accurate measurements.

We’ve now added the TIP 6000 to our rental pool. Contact us to learn more and try it for yourself.

Introducing the Easy Locator Core

The Easy Locator Core is the latest generation GPR solution for utility locating professionals, featuring wireless data collection and the all new MALÅ AI for real-time interpretation support. It’s compact and lightweight, easy-to-use, and cloud-connected to MALÅ Vision for instant processing in the field.

The newly launched Easy Locator Core is also available for rental. Contact us to learn more and test the system for yourself.

DRONEmag UAV Magnetometer for Rent

The DRONEmag UAV magnetometer is now available for rent, joining our rental AirBIRD as an additional UAV magnetometer rental solution.

The DRONEmag comes complete with high-sensitivity GSMP-35U sensor, GPS, and laser altimeter. With the included Li-ion battery, the total system weight is 1.8 kg, making it an ideal choice for a variety of drone platforms.

Interested in a rental? Contact us to learn more.

Photo Credit: MWH Geo-Surveys

Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors Now Available

We’re excited to announce the addition of a wide-range of hyperspectral imaging sensors for sale.

Hyperspectral imaging allows for the accurate classification and identification of minerals based upon chemical signatures obtained in the shortwave-infrared (SWIR) region. It also enables several other remote sensing applications from agriculture to civil infrastructure inspection.

Sensors are available for a variety of spectral ranges, from UV-VIS to SWIR and beyond. These high-resolution instruments are small, lightweight, rugged, and feature a wide field of view. They can be integrated with GPS, IMU, and LiDAR for use on UAVs or other aircrafts and are also available as pan-and-tilt, rotary-stage, and scanning kit configurations for ground applications.

Holiday and Lockdown Update

Please note that the Terraplus office will be closed for the holidays between December 25 and January 3, with our last working day being December 24.

As Terraplus continues to be considered an essential business in Ontario based on the recent lockdown guidance, we will be reopening on January 4, 2021.

Happy holidays from the Terraplus team and all the best for the New Year!

Introducing the GPR Controller App

The Controller App for GPR data acquisition is now available for use with App-Enabled products, such as the GroundExplorer’s WiFi antennas.

Running on recommended Android devices, the Controller App is a cost-effective alternative to our existing GPR monitor solutions and allows for the efficient and wireless collection of data in the field. It also provides direct access to MALÅ Vision cloud-based services, such as data storage, analysis, processing, interpretation and reporting on GPR data and projects.

Learn more about the Controller App in our updated brochure for the GroundExplorer GPR system.


WellCAD Version 5.4 Is Here!

WellCAD v5.4 is now available, featuring a new Core Shifter and structure reorientation tool as well as a fully revised Full Waveform Sonic module with new Velocity Analysis workspace. Refer to the Release Note for additional information on what’s new.

For customers under the Maintenance & Support plan, WellCAD v5.4 is included in your subscription. Contact us to update your license to the latest version. If you haven’t subscribed yet and are interested in learning more, we’d be pleased to speak with you about the benefits and latest updates available.

Introducing the Atom-3C Seismic System

Terraplus is pleased to introduce the Atom Passive Seismic System, now available with a 3-channel option.

The Atom-3C is designed to obtain 3-component microtremor measurements for HVSR surveys (with one unit) as well as for joint Rayleigh-Love wave analysis (with multiple units deployed in a distributed array). The system is unique in that it does not rely on traditional and heavy spread cables. Users are no longer constrained by preset spacing/geometries or by site conditions such as high traffic areas, roads, and driveways.

The Atom-3C is a complete solution, composed of individual acquisition units, each with 24-bit A/D conversion, GPS-controlled timing, 8 GB of internal data storage and an adjustable sample rate. 2Hz and 4.5Hz 3-component geophones are also available as an option.

GPR Promotion

We’re pleased to announce a new GPR promotion for summer 2020.

Customers who schedule and attend a GPR demo with Terraplus by September 30 are eligible to enter a raffle for a refurbished Easy Locator EXM+ GPR system with Rough Terrain Cart. Demo participants will also receive a $500 USD credit to be used towards the purchase of a new GPR system within 4 weeks of the demo completion date.

If you’re interested in GPR and would like to take advantage of this promotion, contact us to learn more.