Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging sensors for use with UAVs. Used to identify materials based on how light behaves when it hits a subject, hyperspectral imaging obtains multiple spectra of data for each pixel in the image of a scene.

UAV Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

A range of turnkey UAV hyperspectral imaging solutions, including VNIR and SWIR spectral ranges.

Nano HP VNIR Imaging System

A small, lightweight and fully integrated VNIR hyperspectral system with a spectral range of 400-1000nm.

Micro-Hyperspec SWIR 640 Imaging System

A fully integrated SWIR hyperspectral system with a spectral range of 900-2500nm.

Co-Aligned HP VNIR-SWIR Imaging System

A hyperspectral system with dual VNIR/SWIR sensors covering a spectral range of 400-2500nm.