Magnetometers/Gradiometers measure variations in the Earth’s magnetic field for mineral exploration, mapping geological structures, or detecting metallic objects. A magnetometer combined with VLF-EM sensor is also available.

GSM-19T Proton Sensor

Sensor for a GSM-19T Proton magnetometer.

GSM-19WV Walking Overhauser Magnetometer/VLF System

Walking Overhauser magnetometer system with a VLF-EM sensor and OEMStar GPS (Option B).

GSM-19GW Walking Overhauser Gradiometer

Walking Overhauser gradiometer system. Available with or without OEMStar GPS (Option B).

GSMP-35 Potassium Magnetometer

Potassium magnetometer system with highest precision and absolute accuracy. Includes OEMStar GPS (Option B).