Introducing the Cardinal UAV Magnetometer

Terraplus is pleased to introduce the ultra lightweight Cardinal UAV towed-bird magnetometer system.

Weighing only 1.5 kg, the Cardinal can be used with a wide-range of drone platforms and comes with an optically pumped Potassium magnetometer, GPS, IMU and battery – all within an aerodynamic housing.

The Cardinal joins the DRONEmag and AirBIRD product line-up and provides operators with a new UAV magnetometer solution that combines the benefits of an ultra lightweight magnetometer with the real-time data transmission, stability, and weather protection of a towed-bird system.

Introducing the MIRA HDR 3D GPR Array

Terraplus is pleased to introduce the MIRA HDR, a large area 3D GPR mapping solution with the highest data quality and resolution on the market and highway speed survey capability.

The system takes full advantage of the MALÅ HDR technology and can collect up to 132 data channels simultaneously by pairing any combination of the array’s receiver and transmitter antennas during data collection.

Multiple carrier options are available to adapt the system to a variety of applications, from utility and cavity detection to road surveys and archaeological prospecting.