VIP 10000
10 KW Power IP/Resistivity Transmitter
VIP 10000 brochure (PDF)
  • 3000V output voltage
  • 20A output current
  • Standard Motor Generator


The VIP family of transmitters is now available in a 10000 watt version. The VIP 10000 is a power current regulated Time and Frequency Domain electrical transmitter.

VIP 10000 Major Benefits
The VIP 10000 will generate up to 3000 volts which makes it very convenient for IP surveys in high resistivity areas and for very deep resistivity soundings.

Microprocessor controlled for case of operation and protection against misuse, all injection parameters (current, voltages,...) are controlled. The VIP 10000 can also be operated through its remote control port (RS-232).
The VIP 10000 can either be operated with a three phase, 45 to 800 Hz motor generator for maximum power supply or with a standard 220 V single phase motor generator for lower output power. This flexibility allows the operator to use a standard motor generator when maximum power is required or lighter motor generator that is easily available in most geographical areas when the output power required is lower.

High Output
In medium and high resistivity areas, the amount of current driven into the ground depends on the maximum output voltage provided by the transmitter, in addition in low resistivity areas, it is also dependent on the maximum output power.

The VIP 10000 features the following major benefits:
  • High output voltage: 3000V
  • High output power: 10kW
  • High output current: 20A
Standard Motor Generator Supply
In surveys requiring large power, a key practical problem is the local availability of a motor generator. Being powered by a standard motor generator, the VIP 10000 offers the highest flexibility in its class. Its power input requirements are:
  • 180 to 250V voltage for maximum output power
  • 45 to 800 Hz frequency
  • Three-phases for maximum output power
  • One phase for lower output power
  • Motor generator or power line supply
The operation of the VIP 10000 with such a large range of power sources drastically reduces the transportation and maintenance problems inherent to field survey constraints.

Full Microprocessor Controlled
Full Microprocessor control of the VIP 10000 allows the following basic benefits:
  • Ease of use through interactive menus
  • User friendly selection of the current value
  • Continuous display of output current, voltage, power, ground resistance values
  • Display of intelligent messages and warnings in case of a problem: overload, short circuit, input under or overvoltage.
The VIP 10000 is designed for ease of operation. It has a much simplified front panel: current, dipole and frequency (in the frequency domain), settings are the only parameters to be selected by the operator. All other functions, like voltage range setting, are fully automated.

Programming functions are also available, either through the front panel, with a suitable key, or from an external computer. These functions are used to select the parameters and options that are not normally changed during a survey: operating mode, time or frequency domain, cycle time, frequencies, etc.

Intelligent Regulation
The VIP 10000 internal microprocessor is capable of excellent current regulation at almost any load. Current is operator selectable in preprogrammed steps from 20mA to 20 amperes. Intelligent current adjustment algorithms are always in operation. For example, the contact resistance will occasionally be too high for the VIP 10000 to provide the requested current setting. In such cases, the VIP 10000 will display a warning message and will set the current to the maximum value allowable under that combination of current setting and contact resistance. Some reserved current capacity will always be kept to insure that the current stays constant during the measurements, whatever the contact resistance fluctuations.

Remote Control
The VIP 10000 is provided with a remote control port. By using radio modems it can be operated from a remote location.

The VIP 10000 can also be linked to an intelligent receiver such as the ELREC 6 or the ELREC 10, or to a computer for the automatic recording of current settings. Finally, synchronization with a receiver or system is also possible on both directions (i.e. Rx to Tx or Tx to Rx).

Complete Display
Large backlighted LCD alphanumeric display is provided for the simultaneous indication of all output parameters. Output current, output voltage, contact resistance and output power are continuously displayed.

Heavy Duty Construction
Very high quality connectors, and heavy duty industrial components are used throughout. The VIP 10000 is shock resistant and weatherproof for a higher reliability.

  • Output Power: 10000VA
  • Output Voltage: 3000V maximum, automatic voltage range selection
  • Output Current: 20 amperes maximum, current regulated
  • Current Accuracy: Better than 1%
  • Dipoles: 1
  • Output Connectors: Connectors accept bare wire or plug of up to 4mm diameter
  • Fall Times: Better than 1 msec in resistive load
  • Time Domain Waveforms: Preprogrammed on and off times from 0.25 to 8 seconds by factor of 2. Other cycles programmable by user. Automatic circuit opening in off time.
  • Frequency Domain Waveforms: Preprogrammed frequencies from 0.625Hz to 4Hz by factor of 2. Alternate or simultaneous transmission of two frequencies. Other frequencies programmable by user.
  • Time and Frequency Stability: 0.01%, 1 PPB optional
  • Display: Alphanumeric liquid crystal display. Simultaneous display of output current, output voltage, contact resistance and input power/
  • Power Sources: -180 to 250 VAC. 45-800Hz three phase regulated motor generator; -175 to 275 VAC. 45-450 Hz single phase motor generator
  • Protection: Short circuit at 20 ohms, Open loop at 60000 ohms, Thermal, Input overervoltage and undervoltage
  • Remote Control: Full duplex RS-232 cable, 300-19200 bauds. Direct wire sync. for on-time polarity
  • Dimensions: 55 x 51 x 37cm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Operation Temperature: -40°C to +50°C
  • Standard Components
  • VIP 10000 console, programming key, RS-232 interface cable, motor generator cable, instruction manual and shipping case.
Ordering Information
Order Number
VIP 10000 Transmitter 500-190-0030
Programming Key 500-190-0031
MG-12/12KVA MotorGenerator 500-190-0040