Borehole Probes
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New! Multi-Frequency Monopole-Dipole Configuration


The new Multi-Frequency, Monopole-Dipole Full Waveform Sonic tool is compatible with MGX II Portable Digital Logging Systems and will operate on single or multiconductor wirelines. The standard probe includes transmitter - receiver spacings of 3 & 4 feet. Customers can order probes with different spacings (metric or english) and can combine it with natural gamma (2SSB-1000)

Diameter: 1.5 inches
Length: 105 inches (266 cm)
Weight:  20 lbs (9.09 Kg)
Transducer Freq: configurable,1-30KHz
Monopole-Dipole configurable.
Sampling rate: configurable, 2 - 100 µSec
Stackable 1 - 16 trace
Up to 1024 samples/trace
Wave dynamic Range: 12 bits + 4 bits gain
Max. Temp. 158°F
Max: Pressure:  3000 PSI
Calibration Accuracy: 1%
Sensitivity: < 5 µSec/ft
Resolution:  &< 1µSec/ft

  • Ability to record long wave train for tonely wave analysis and the measurement of fracture aperature and permeabilty index.
  • The absolute value of the amplitude of the received waveform is measureable thus allowing for amplitude calibration.
  • TTruly modular: other receiver and/or transmiter combinations possible up to 8 receivers and two transmitters.
  • Real-time color VDL plotting/li>
  • User-defined waveform window (up to 100 mSec)
  • Full waveform analysis, including
    • first arrival repicking
    • waveform filtering
    • stand-off correction
    • mechanical property calculations
    • velocity analysis
    • trace coherence analysis
    • reflected tube-wave analysis
    • semblance processing
  • Individual waveform pair plotting

Sample color variable density log (VDL) with traces profiling transit time,
p-wave amplitude, and tube-wave (permeability) amplitude.

Ordering Information

Order Number
2SAA-1000 520-2000-2SAA