Consoles and Winches

MGX  Portable Digital Logger (5MGB-1000)
  • Motorized winch with clutch and electronic brake included
  • Integral precision hardened steel measuring wheel with optical encoder to provide digital depth data with 0.10% accuracy.
  • Choice of 200 meters of 0.125" diameter   or 305 meters of 0.10" diameter steel armored single conductor logging cable.
  • Lightweight package.
This proven, ultra-lightweight package features weather resistant combined instument electronics and winch in a single 25kg (55lbs) small footprint unit.  Which means that the MGX is truly a logger that can be operated by one person. The small footprint allows operation in cramped spaces. A dual-purpose tipod and accessories are shipped with every system. Add your own PC or an a pre-loaded PC/printer combination and downhole probes complete the system.

Each unit is delivered with an emergency hand crank, integral precision hardened steel depth measuring wheel, optical encoder, and LED depth and telemetry indicator display. The unit can be spooled with either 200 meters (656 ft) of 3.17 mm (0.125" dia) or 305 meters (1000 ft) of 2.54 mm (0.10" dia) geopysical logging cable.

MGS users may choose between Windows-based MSLog acquisition and processing software or LOGSHELL.  Both packages provide real-time plots, log fltering, merging, editing, and LAS file export.

MGX II Instrument Console (5MCA-1000)

MGX II Instrument Console
For customers requiring 500 or more meters of wireline, the MGX II console features:
  • Software configurable power supplies
  • Support for many third-party probes
  • Dust, water, and shock resistant case
  • Universally configured depth-measuring system
  • Interface digital and analog tools
  • Stand-alone depth display
Available probes

Winches The MGX II electronics is packaged as a console and combined the MX portable winch series or the WNA truck-mounted winch series.  The MX series is the most popular winch system and can be configured with several types of logging cable. The following MX configurations feature high resolution optical depth encoders, electronic braking systems, emergency hand-cranks, automatic level winds, and sturdy shipping cases.  These lightweight, small footprint,high-capacity winches are the industry standard.

500 meters (1640 ft) of 3.17 mm (0.125") single conductor geophysical wireline, or can be equiped with 800 meters (2625 ft) of 2.54 mm (0.10") dingle conductor wireline.

Designed to handle up to 305 meters (1000 ft) of standard 4.76 mm (0.1875") four-conductor woreline or coaxial cable and up to 250 meters of 6.35 mm (0.25") coax or seven-conductor wireline.

Holds up to 1000 meters (3281 ft) of rugged 3.17 mm single-conductor cable.


Versatile WNA series winches are designed for installation in logging vehicles or skid units. WNA winches offer standard depth capability to 1800 meters (5905 ft) and are equipped with a two speed transmission, manual and electronic braking system, optional tension sensor with automatic cutoff, and LED depth/speed/tension display.  The controller for WNA winches can be packaged in a truch-mounted instrument rack or in heavy-duty, shock-proof, hard-plastic cases.  Full-featured, users can program depth presets, scaling factors, and tension threshold cutoffs quickly in the field.  Users can toggle between depth and speed and monitor cableline tension.

4WNA-1000 Truck-mounted winch.
Depth capability of 1800 meters (5905 ft)
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4WNA-1000  4WNA Controller

Ordering Information
Description Order Number
MGX Portable Digital Logger (5MGB-1000) 530-200-2010
MGX II Portable Digital Logger (5MGC-1000) 530-200-2020
4MXA-1000 Winch 530-300-3010
4MXB-1000 Winch 530-300-3020
4MXC-1000 Winch 530-300-3030
4WNA-1000 Truck Mounted Winch 530-300-3040