Vibro Tomography Software

  • Soflware tools for processing and interprefing seismic data.
  • Powerful modules for both velocity and attenuation tomography. Two velocity inversion algorithms are included: SIRT, to cope with noisy and sparse input data; and Conjugated Gradients, for extracting maximum information from detailed and carefully performed surveys.
  • On screen arrival time picking with very precise pick through cross-correlation routine.
  • Geometrical correction applied to compensate for boreholes not in the same plane.
  • Anisotropy correction.
  • User-friendly graphical interface provides an intuitive and efficient work environment
  • Automatic mode allows multiple file operation without operator intervention after selection is completed.
  • On-line help and file management.
  • Color display of tom \grams with user selection of color.
  • Ray tracing routines and color display of ray diagrams.
  • Windows graphic interface.
  • 32-bit ability for data processing.


Vibro-Tomography is an advanced system for computerized geophysical tomography. It was developed and tested over many years with a variety of crosshole seismic applications.

The software runs on a PC equipped with Windows 3.1 or higher. Analysis can be performed quickly, cost effectively, and data quality can be evaluated before leaving the survey site.

Output is a point by point reconstruction of the seismic velocity field. Besides this, an important feature of the Vibro-Tomography package is the ability to describe attenuation distribution.


System Requirements

Computer: 640K RAM, at least 4MB available on hard disk.
Monitor: EGA, VGA.
Math Coprocessor: 8087/80287/80387 installed.
Mouse: Installed.

Standard Components

Vibro-Tomography seismic tomography software and instruction manual.

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