The XYZ 8/24
8-level, 3-component receiver string for slim boreholes (min. 46 mm)

Case History

The tool is equipped with geophones or accelerometers. The frequency range is from 60 to 2000 Hz for the geophone and 60 to 8000 Hz for the accelerometer version.One component is directed along the hole, while the others are perpendicular to the hole and to each other.

The standard distance between the modules is 5 m.
The units are equipped with side-arms for clamping, activated by DC motors. The clamping control is independent for each unit.


Maximum Temperature:
Dimensions of Module:
length: 780 mm
diameter: 52 mm R8-XYZ52 model
43 mm R8-XYZ43 model
Frequency Range:
60-2000 Hz (geophones)
60-8000 Hz (accelerometers)
Working Voltage:
24-27V DC
Rechargeable NiCd pack
Maximum Depth:
1500 m
55 kg for R8-XYZ52 with 35m cable and cable connector
40 kg for R8-XYZ43 with 35m cable and cable connector