The PS-8R High Resolution Seismic System for Boreholeswpe1E.jpg (14818 bytes)

Case History

The PS8R consists of a source and an 8-transducer receiver probe, which can be placed in the same or in different holes.The PS-8R can be used for reflection and tomographic studies. Both dry and water-filled holes, of arbitrary inclinations, can be used. The units clamp hydraulically to holes with diameters of 56-100 mm.
The source generates time-coded pulse sequences, which are summed to produce high dynamic broad band records.

The PS-8R is intended for investigations of mine pillars, bridge piles and tunnel walls. The PS-8R is capable of imaging single fractures at a distance of 10-20m, by emitting and recording frequencies of up to 60 kHz.
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Frequency Range 10 - 40 kHz
Depth Range 100 m
Temperature Range 5 - 45°C

Programable Sequence of Pulses: 5 pulse types, max. 99 pulses of each type.
Time interval between subsequent pulses: 0.1 - 0.35 s, pseudo-random
Peak Power: 150 W
Dimensions: length: 1750 mm
diameter: 52 mm
mass: 11.5

Number of Channels: 8
Down-Hole Preamplifier Gain: Programmable in 8 steps
Frequency Band: 100 kHz
Dimensions: length: 1850 mm
diameter: 52 mm
mass: 10.5 kg